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Thank you, Rick Sanders, PT & Julie Sanders!

Hello, our names are Scott Johnson, PT and Todd Hayes, PT. We are the founders of Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists™. We recently purchased the Rehab 2000 physical therapy clinic located at 28256 State Hwy 75, Suite A, Oneonta, AL 35121, and now that we’ve completed a remodel of the facility, will continue to provide physical therapy services at this location. It is because of this transaction that we are privileged to be in a position to say a special, “thank you” to Rick Sanders and his wife, Julie.

Rick is the founder of Rehab 2000. He and Julie ran Rehab 2000 for decades. We met Rick and Julie in this capacity as Rick was contemplating retirement from the practice of physical therapy after 41 years. What started out as a business conversation, however, quickly evolved into something much more than that. As we came to know one another, we learned what most of you in Oneonta have known about The Sanders’ for years: They care deeply about the local communities and have dedicated their unique skills in the areas of physical therapy and business to establish a thriving physical therapy practice with roots that extend across the Oneonta region. They have positively impacted the lives of countless members of the community and have left behind a legacy that includes lives better lived because of Rick’s healing hands and that of his staff.

It is because of the legacy that Rick and his wife established that we feel so special to be the organization which they are entrusting to continue to provide best-in-class physical therapy services in his absence. We do not take this opportunity lightly. It is our goal to build on the foundation Rick and his wife established over his years of service by ensuring that every patient we see receives the care they deserve, supporting the outcomes they expect.

The Sanders’ belief in the power of local connections is in alignment with the way we’ve grown our own practice. What started as a single clinic located in Huntsville, AL and founded in 2003 has grown to a 6-clinic practice in Huntsville, Madison, Hampton Cove, Guntersville, and now Oneonta, AL. Johnson & Hayes’ deep local roots are the inspiration for the care provided by each of our expert therapists. Moreover, every patient is matched with the same therapist throughout their treatment to ensure continuity and quality of care.

This history of strong roots in the local community will continue, with Jessica Ratliff, PTA, Clinic Director, and Martin Stewart, PT treating patients in the Oneonta clinic. Jessica has been practicing physical therapy since 2016, treating patients in the Oneonta community for 6 years. She is a native to Oneonta, having grown up in the community with parents who own businesses in Oneonta. Martin has been practicing physical therapy since 2015. He grew up in Childersburg and has been practicing in Oneonta since May 2023. Given their strong local community ties, experience treating local patients, and deep therapy expertise, we are confident that the community of Oneonta and surrounding areas will receive excellent care in our facility.

We know that we echo the sentiment of the people of Oneonta when we say a heartfelt, “thank you” to Rick and his wife for their service. We also say, “thank you” for the opportunity to pick up where you are leaving off. We’ll strive daily to carry on the legacy that you built.

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