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Get To Know The J&H Physical Therapists: Drew Stanford, DPT

Drew Stanford, DPT

Years with Johnson & Hayes:  5

J&H Clinic Location: Madison, Balch Crossing

Favorite Food: It’s a tie between steak and ice cream

Favorite Hobby:  Hunting, fishing, spending time at the lake, or really anything outdoors

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A baseball coach

Fun Fact: I grew up playing baseball throughout high school and college, but in the fall I’m mildly obsessed with college football.

Random Fact:. I like to play the guitar, but I have a tendency to only learn parts of songs, never really learning them from beginning to end.

Get to know the J&H Physical Therapists: Jessica Hissam, DPT

Jessica Hissam, DPT

Years with Johnson & Hayes:  1

J&H Clinic Location:  Madison-Hughes Road

Favorite Food: Mexican Food- My DPT Superlative that my class chose for me when I graduated was “Most Likely to Work for Tacos.” (Jess is a big foodie at heart. She even has a personal blog with lists of the best Mexican restaurants in Huntsville, B’ham, Atlanta and Austin, TX.

Favorite Hobby: Graphic and Interior Design: Jess has a sketch book and inspiration boards of interior design for her home.

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A Wedding or Event Planner- not because I am a romantic (I’m not one at all), but because I am very detail oriented and I love using my creativity outlet to bring visions and designs to real life.

Fun Fact: I have planned and hosted 8 bachelorette parties that were all laid back and suited each bride’s personality. In addition, I have planned 6 bridal showers/teas.

Fun Fact #2: The spreadsheets that my mom and I composed together for my wedding day were so impressive to other vendors, they wanted a copy because they could not believe my mom and I color coded every item!

Fun Fact #3: I always get asked how I wake up in the morning since I was born deaf and don’t sleep with my cochlear implants. My alarm clock shakes my mattress (and I can’t tell you how many times it scared my roommates/friends/my husband for the first time haha)

Get to know the J&H Physical Therapists: Brent Congo, DPT, OCS, MTC

Brent Congo, DPT, OCS, MTC

J&H Clinic Location: Madison – Hughes Road, Alabama

Years with Johnson & Hayes: 17

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Hobby: Coaching baseball and boating

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A farmer. (Actually, I was a farmer prior to becoming a PT).  In the picture I am teaching my daughter to drive a cotton picker!

Fun Fact: When I was in high school I competed in the National FFA Organization cattle judging.

Fun Fact #2: I can eat a whole Gigi’s Cupcakes cupcake in one bite (so he says).