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Get To Know The J&H Physical Therapists: Nathaniel Lang, DPT

Nathaniel Lang, DPT

Years with Johnson & Hayes:  Joined the J&H team in June 2020

J&H Clinic Location: Huntsville

Work History:  Throughout his career, Nathaniel has worked with various patient populations from general orthopedic, sports medicine, vestibular, neurological and sport performance.

Family:  Nathaniel is married to Tiaya Lang and recently welcomed a new daughter Harper Reed.

Where are You From?  Snead, Alabama

How Did You Become Interested in Physical Therapy?  I developed an interest in physical therapy after multiple injuries in high school.

Education:  Nathaniel received his Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Troy University and his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Nathaniel is also a board-certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Nathaniel recently completed his Orthopedic Manual Therapy certification through the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments.

Favorite Hobbies: Nathaniel enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing golf, and working in the yard.

Get To Know The J&H Physical Therapists: Drew Stanford, DPT

Drew Stanford, DPT

Years with Johnson & Hayes:  5

J&H Clinic Location: Madison, Balch Crossing

Favorite Food: It’s a tie between steak and ice cream

Favorite Hobby:  Hunting, fishing, spending time at the lake, or really anything outdoors

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A baseball coach

Fun Fact: I grew up playing baseball throughout high school and college, but in the fall I’m mildly obsessed with college football.

Random Fact:. I like to play the guitar, but I have a tendency to only learn parts of songs, never really learning them from beginning to end.

Get To Know The J&H Physical Therapists: Ethan Hodges, DPT

Ethan Hodges, DPT

Years with Johnson & Hayes:  1

J&H Clinic Location:  Huntsville

Favorite Food: Kansas City BBQ

Favorite Hobby: Ultimate frisbee

If you weren’t a PT you would be? I would be still living at home with my parents and being an aide for Jack Bice, PT.

Fun Fact: I traveled to two “Wonders of the World” in less than one year – Machu Picchu in Peru and Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa

Favorite Bands: Switchfoot & NEEDTOBREATHE

Get to know the J&H Physical Therapists: Josh Cash, DPT, OCS

Josh Cash, DPT, OCS

Years with Johnson & Hayes:  4

J&H Clinic Location:  Huntsville

Favorite Food: Anything and everything my wife cooks.

Favorite Hobby: Golf, tennis and walks with my family

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A WWE star (nicknamed Major Cash).

Fun Fact: I once wakeboarded with X-Games Winner/World Champion wakeboarder Shaun Murray

Fun Fact #2: People say my doppleganger is “Tom” from The Black List.

Get to know the J&H Physical Therapists: Jessica Hissam, DPT

Jessica Hissam, DPT

Years with Johnson & Hayes:  1

J&H Clinic Location:  Madison-Hughes Road

Favorite Food: Mexican Food- My DPT Superlative that my class chose for me when I graduated was “Most Likely to Work for Tacos.” (Jess is a big foodie at heart. She even has a personal blog with lists of the best Mexican restaurants in Huntsville, B’ham, Atlanta and Austin, TX.

Favorite Hobby: Graphic and Interior Design: Jess has a sketch book and inspiration boards of interior design for her home.

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A Wedding or Event Planner- not because I am a romantic (I’m not one at all), but because I am very detail oriented and I love using my creativity outlet to bring visions and designs to real life.

Fun Fact: I have planned and hosted 8 bachelorette parties that were all laid back and suited each bride’s personality. In addition, I have planned 6 bridal showers/teas.

Fun Fact #2: The spreadsheets that my mom and I composed together for my wedding day were so impressive to other vendors, they wanted a copy because they could not believe my mom and I color coded every item!

Fun Fact #3: I always get asked how I wake up in the morning since I was born deaf and don’t sleep with my cochlear implants. My alarm clock shakes my mattress (and I can’t tell you how many times it scared my roommates/friends/my husband for the first time haha)

Get to know the J&H Physical Therapists: Susan Dupre, DPT

Susan Dupre, DPT

J&H Clinic Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Years with Johnson & Hayes: 17

Favorite Food: It’s a tie: Dark chocolate or my mom’s sweet potato casserole recipe (not together!)

Favorite Hobby: Creating home workouts indoors and outdoors for myself and others.

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A fitness trainer

Fun Fact: I have 4 teenagers, all of whom are homeschooled (this explains a lot about me, doesn’t it)?!

Fun Fact #2: I am certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and serve as part of a fitness ministry called Revelation Wellness, also using the platform to teach teens and adult women how to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Get to know the J&H Physical Therapists: Brent Congo, DPT, OCS, MTC

Brent Congo, DPT, OCS, MTC

J&H Clinic Location: Madison – Hughes Road, Alabama

Years with Johnson & Hayes: 17

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Hobby: Coaching baseball and boating

If you weren’t a PT you would be? A farmer. (Actually, I was a farmer prior to becoming a PT).  In the picture I am teaching my daughter to drive a cotton picker!

Fun Fact: When I was in high school I competed in the National FFA Organization cattle judging.

Fun Fact #2: I can eat a whole Gigi’s Cupcakes cupcake in one bite (so he says).

Home Breathing Exercises


As COVID -19 advances across our cities in the United States, hospitals often use respiratory therapists and/or vests to help reduce congestion.  These resources may not be available in the numbers anticipated in the foreseeable future with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The problem – If you end up with pulmonary symptoms of corona virus pneumonia… there can be significant damage from swelling in the lungs (mucous filling lungs) or cytokine storm (body over-reacts with more swelling) making it difficult and eventually impossible to breathe.

An individual with potential COVID-19 symptoms will be triaged if they have a fever over 100°F, shortness of breath and a cough.

Who will benefit from self-administered postural drainage technique – This postural drainage technique is for the individual who has not admitted into the hospital setting and is being treated at home with early signs of congestion OR perhaps has chosen not to enter the healthcare system.

The CDC outlined precautions regarding spread of the virus and prevention recommendations.  If an individual has multiple risk factors and if the fever is advancing/unresponsive to acetaminophen, (Tylenol) and the shortness of breath is worsening, then steps should be accelerated to seek treatment outside of the home.

For more stable conditions at home, postural drainage can be considered as an intervention to assist in providing more oxygen to various lobes of the lunges by using postures and gravity… More air is on the top-most part of the lung and more blood on the lower-most part of the lung. By inverting the lung, you can not only exchange oxygen and inflate the lower part of the lung but also get the mucus to the top so that it may be coughed up and clear the lung so more oxygen can be exchanged.

Postural Drainage

***Start as soon as you feel lungs getting filled. Don’t wait until you are too sick to bother. 3-5 minutes several times per day.

It can also be taught to an individual without putting another family member or care giver at risk of exposure to the expectorant/mucus.

POSTURAL DRAINAGE: maintain 10-15 minutes – We have included pictures of 3 possible postures that can be used for postural drainage. In addition, Here’s a video link by Amelia Lindberg PT.  Her 8-minute video link offers gentle postures and descriptions with calming music to incorporate for a home postural program. Feel free to share:

Postural Drainage Positions

Postural Drainage exercises:

Simply get in position and let it flow, helping it along with breathing techniques that emphasize full, prolonged exhale, while puffing your cheeks and you blow out long and steady. Have a lot of paper towels to collect the mucous.

A PT did this inside a nursing home in VT during the 1976 flu epidemic for resident patients. They did not lose anyone, while other nursing homes lost dozens. It is an old PT technique that has faded away since we have ventilators and related machines but may be useful if not hospitalized or recovering (please clear with your physician or call us if you have any concerns). Always find a safe place to perform you exercises. Do NOT perform in standing in the event that you may experience dizziness.

One easy way to get into position is to lie over an EXERCISE BALL.

Additional Supplemental breathing exercises: