Shawn Faust

My name is Shawn Faust, and as a professional basketball player I have been in contact with many physical therapist through out my basketball career.  I was introduced to Todd Hayes and Scott Johnson through my brother, who is an athletic trainer with the Philadelphia 76ers, and has worked with both Scott and Todd.  I had ACL reconstruction, and was introduced to them in 2007.  I was playing with the Washington Generals touring with the Harlem Globetrotters at the time of my injury and needed to have a fast recovery to get back playing.  I will put Todd Hayes and Scott Johnson up there with any Physical Therapists in the business. They are as aggressive as they need to be, but make sure the rehab process is in the timely matter it needs to be in.  I will honestly say I looked forward to going to rehab with them everyday, and not to many can say they like to rehab any injury.  Not only did I enjoy rehabbing with them I learned a lot about my injury and how to prevent further injuries.  They are great communicators and teachers of the injuries they are working with. Their staff is top of the line with all of the Physical Therapist willing to help with anything you need. I was able to get back playing in around 5 months at about 75% continuing to follow the rehab program they provided while on tour with the Globetrotters to get me back to 100%. The both of them are very passionate about what they do.  Their staff is very kind and treats the patients with respect and care. I would recommend Johnson and Hayes to any athlete on any level with any injury.

Monica Duncan

My name is Monica Duncan, and I want to thank my very gifted therapist at Johnson & Hayes. She listened to me and skillfully applied different therapeutic techniques to alleviate pain, discomfort and problems that require physical therapy. Before I EVER consider surgery again, I will visit Johnson & Hayes and ask my therapist for alternative options. I truly believe people can avoid many knee surgeries with proper therapy when the pain begins. I thank God for my therapist. She and her co-workers are a gift to us all.

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