Cameron Conners

Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists has been a crucial part of my rehabilitation this past year. I sustained an injury late last year while training for the 2016 Swimming Olympic Trials. I quickly got set up with Scott Johnson. Together, he and his team developed a personalized program that worked with my time constraints and physical limitations. My improvements were assessed on a week to week basis and my program was adapted based on my feedback. We were even able to identify a few underlying issues that were exacerbating my injury and fix those as well to provide a more long term relief. Within a few months of physical therapy, I was not only able to race, but also compete at the highest level of the sport. The positive environment at Johnson & Hayes only helped the process. Each session was challenging yet doable, and that happy medium proved to be extremely effective in restoring me back to good health. The Johnson & Hayes approach works.

Alan Dunn, LSU Pitching Coach

Due to extensive shoulder and knee surgeries, a lengthy rehab was needed. Fortunately, I was recommended to Johnson and Hayes Physical Therapy. After meeting with Scott Johnson and Todd Hayes and their staff, I was on the road to a uniquely designed program that helped me have a complete recovery. The therapy I received was instrumental in allowing me to get back to my job on the baseball field. The knowledge, care and skill of Scott and Todd are phenomenal. Their passion for personal patient connection and wellness sets them apart from other physical therapists. I would and have recommended them in any physical therapy needed situation. – Alan Dunn, LSU Pitching Coach


Rebecca K.

I have been a patient at Johnson and Hayes before, but the most recent visit was for knee pain I have been having for several months. I tried to strengthen my legs, hoping it was just a weakness problem, but that did not help. After only one visit and finding out it was a tight muscle causing the severe pain, I could already tell a major improvement. Being an avid stretcher, I would have never guessed I had a tight muscle, but they knew within minutes of my appointment and helped me get back to functioning pain free!

Wesley Neighbors

My name is Wesley Neighbors and I would recommend anyone who is in need of a physical therapist to Johnson & Hayes due not only on their success rate with getting people back on their feet , but also because of the way they treat you. Johnson & Hayes make you feel at home and comfortable when they work with you. I sprained my MCL during basketball practice while running sprints during the middle of the season. This was the first time I had ever injured myself while participating in sports and I was really down on myself. As frustrating as it was to sit out while all my teammates played in games, I knew I had to work just as hard as they were working just to get back to practice. Johnson & Hayes was recommended to my family by many as the best people to work with to get my knee back to where it needed to be in order to compete.  Without hesitation I started working with them and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The techniques used and the compassion they showed for me as a young man helped me physically and emotionally to get back to where I belonged: competing. Johnson & Hayes are a professional staff who work extremely hard and have great hearts. It’s hard not to be good with that combination.

Thomas Kerr

My name is Thomas Kerr and I was recommended by Richard D. Cole for a series of treatments at Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists. Registration at the clinic was efficient, cordial and well-executed by the secretary. I was then introduced to my physical therapist. She studied and carefully tested the physical strength of my affected leg and foot, and then outlined a series of therapy treatments that could be used to strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. She presented the facts about my treatment and the hopeful outcomes in a practical manner that was honest, straight-forward and easy to understand. With each of my visits, my therapist carefully observed each move I made. She always kept me on task and was fair, firm and positive with her criticism. I especially liked her professional approach in teaching the correct way to perform each task. She not only helped strengthen my leg and foot, but she also taught me – with her kind voice, body language and professional manner – to have the self-confidence, pride, will-power, and discipline to challenge myself and overcome obstacles in my life. She repaired and padded a strap on my leg brace, and designed a step-up device to strengthen my ability to walk up and down doorsteps. My therapist must have a wide and deep background in science and technology which supports her superior thinking and reasoning. I personally admire her as a very talented professional. In summary, my therapist demonstrated superior performance during my time with her. Her performance reflects greatly both on her own talents and those of Johnson & Hayes.

Jean Miller

My name is Jean Miller and this is my “graduation day” from my third rehabilitation program for knee surgery provided by Johnson & Hayes. Based on my experiences, I would like to offer my recommendation for Johnson & Hayes. The team is to be commended for providing a competent, well-trained staff that operates under a policy of thoroughness and patience in helping their patients work through often difficult procedures. I have used Johnson & Hayes for the three periods of treatment that I have undergone, and I cannot visualize any one providing better treatment program plans and being more helpful and considerate than they are. My therapies have been difficult since I have had three surgeries on the same knee. During the course of my therapy I developed a valued friendship with my therapist due to her kind and understanding nature and her pleasant personality. We have had a lot of laughs in spite of an otherwise difficult situation. She always kept my rehabilitation objectives in focus and has done so much for my overall recovery. Upon my graduation I will really miss the Johnson & Hayes team!

Penny Billings

My name is Penny Billings and I have worked with a therapist at Johnson & Hayes for multiple issues over a period of many years. Why do I keep coming back? Well rather than just the obvious – to get better – I feel that my therapist and the team at Johnson & Hayes provide the best treatment option for me. I am consistently pushed to advance. The therapists have unique ways to customize exercises to meet any limitation, and have great suggestions on how to continue exercises with things already in your home. I am by nature an impatient person and always want immediate results. My therapist paced me well, and challenged me. In the end, I am better than I started! “I can’t do it” is not an option! I always recommend the team at Johnson & Hayes to others!

Victoria Frederick

My name is Victoria Frederick, and as a professional athlete I have come in contact with many physical therapists throughout my career.  After my knee injury, it was not hard to choose where I wanted to perform my rehabilitation.  Johnson & Hayes has continually impressed me from the equipment they provide down to the personnel that work there.  They provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for their patients while maintaining a professional attitude.  I am a person who likes to be driven and challenged, and Johnson & Hayes provided me with a therapy regime that did just that.  I was able to see positive results within days of my surgery, and consistently got better ahead of schedule.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Johnson & Hayes, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Ronnie Rogers

My name is Ronnie L. Rogers, and without hesitation I recommend Johnson & Hayes to any person in need of a physical therapist. Six weeks after bilateral knee replacement with major complications I left the hospital. I was unable to walk or stand without assistance. Even sitting was difficult and I could not keep my head in an upright position. With compassion, knowledge, skill and toughness my therapist enabled me to function on my own in four weeks and restored me to almost full function in eight weeks. Since that time I have had numerous other physical problems requiring therapy. I’ve always returned to Johnson & Hayes because I know they will get me back to normal quickly.

Jack Priest

My name is Jack Priest. A Johnson & Hayes therapist was assigned to restore my independence following bi-lateral knee replacement. He treated me as his only patient. He was patient yet firm and very careful. He had me performing exercises and maneuvers within two weeks of my surgery that I would have never attempted on my own. He made the therapy fun while challenging. During this knee replacement therapy, my therapist discovered a hip problem which was severely restricting my recovery. Hip replacement was required. One week after my hip replacement, I was back at Johnson & Hayes with my therapist. He pushed me to my limit at every visit to maximize recovery. Prior to any of the surgeries, my strength and balance had deteriorated. My therapist chose the exact therapies to help me regain my strength and balance so that my quality of life would be maximized. The entire Johnson & Hayes staff is extremely competent. They emphasize patient care and maintain a very positive atmosphere to help patients work through sometimes painful therapy. All of the therapists are aware of each patient’s activities and genuinely care about their safety and progress. This was very important to me. I knew nothing about physical therapy prior to my surgeries. Now, I have a great appreciation and respect for all physical therapists. I would not have been able to recover to my current level without my therapist. When the time came for me to leave Johnson & Hayes and recover on my own, I did not want to leave. I did not have the confidence or knowledge to work by myself. My therpist gave me a set of exercises to do on my own, and said that he would be available for questions. I was devastated that I had to leave, and left reluctantly. The surgeries and physical therapy have given me a new life. I can now perform simple every day functions – which most people take for granted – that I could not do for several years. I am thankful that I was a patient at Johnson & Hayes. If a future need for physical therapy arises, this is where I’ll be. The entire staff – office and therapy – is competent, super friendly, offer encouragement and emphasize a positive atmosphere for all of us recovering whiners. They are dedicated to the task of helping us to get moving again. I am grateful to everyone at Johnson & Hayes.

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